Friday, August 18, 2006

The Weekend Is Almost Here - You Call this R&R?

Well, my weekend will begin in less than one hour. What are my plans for R&R?

First, I have to drive to the airport to pick up Dave. From there, we will briefly stop at home before driving to the western part of the state, where we will begin taking photos of Marching Band Camp. If we manage to get some photography in this evening, then I will have to wait until we get back to our motel to continue reading a book that I must review this weekend. The publicist is getting anxious, so I've got to get the review to her quickly!

Tomorrow, we will spend the day photographing Marching Band Camp. Then we will spend the evening enjoying a concert. Who knows, we may be photographing it too. Somehow, Dave got roped into being the high school band boosters' photographer this year, a task that he quickly transformed into a joint venture for the two of us (a million thanks - I love you too, honey). After the concert, we will drive home. We will probably arrive sometime between 11 PM and midnight.

On Sunday morning, I will start the day fairly early by playing the piano at the Adult Rehabilitation Center's worship service. When that's done, I will hastily (but within speed limits, of course) drive over to the corps, where I am also slated to serve as the pianist since the regular pianist is at Territorial Bible Conference.

In the afternoon, I will take my weekly nap. If I miss my nap, my entire week is a mess, so I attend my nap as faithfully as I attend church. I try really hard not to mix my napping and churching together.

Then, somewhere between cooking and consuming supper, I will finish reading my book and writing the review. That will be the conclusion of a fairly typical R&R weekend.


Barbara said...

no, it doesn't sound very relaxing ... except for the Sunday afternoon nap. That's what I should be doing right now!

Jenn said...

hee hee hee...marching band camp

Joanne said...

When I was in "run around all over the world mode" with my kids, I used to say tongue in cheek that I came to work on Monday to relax. I miss those days!