Friday, September 08, 2006

At the Park - Again

I'm still hanging around the park on my breaks. I took these photos yesterday with the digital camera.

First up - a bee hard at work.

Next, a flower with an intriguing pattern and vibrant colors.

I found this guy rummaging around on the ground.

Another bee. It's pretty scary shooting these guys, as I'm usually surrounded by a couple of dozen bees. I've got to remember to take a close-up lens so I can really zoom in on their details (and not have to stand quite so close).

I loved the way the light was filtering through the trees on this flower and its leaves.


Barbara said...

I love looking at your photots. The second bee pictures is really good.

Jenn said...

have you ever thought about making a book? you could give the proceeds to the army or some other group