Thursday, September 07, 2006

Film Photos

I took these last week using my last roll of color film. The park is quite a lively place. Sometimes one just has to slow down and take time to pay attention to the little things that go on around us all the time. I'm working on a roll of black and white film now. Perhaps I'll come up with something good enough to share.

One huge advantage that film has over most digital cameras is the ability to get a really shallow depth of field. That's how one gets a nicely blurred background in macros, close-ups, portraits, etc. Digital cameras (except for the expensive professional SLRs, some of which have full-sized sensors) struggle with shallow depth of field because of their small sensors.

On the other hand, digital cameras excel at deep depth of field (great for sweeping landscape photos, etc.). Again this is because of their small sensor sizes.

Another advantage of digital cameras is that their lenses can be much smaller than their film counterparts. You guessed it - because of the size differences between 35mm film and many digital sensors. This is why so many fairly compact digital cameras can have 10-12x zoom ranges and why even credit-card-sized cameras frequently have 3-6x zoom ranges.

I seem to gotten off topic. My original intention simply was to share some photos. Somehow I got from there to a lesson on the physics of photography. Anyway, I'll share some more photos - digital and film - as time goes on.

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