Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sweet Sixteen!

Today is Joshua's 16th birthday. Wow! It's hard to believe my baby started 11th grade today, is learning to drive and is almost all grown up. Those 16 years have flown by quickly. Time moves a lot differently when you become a parent - it speeds up! I'm sure this is a fully documented, clearly explicated scientific phenomenon! When I think back to September 5, 1990, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I still remember clearly the hot September day in Winnipeg when I worked a full day, went home and took a nap, then was rudely awakened by a contraction.

This evening we will go out for dinner at Outback. After that, we will go home and have some birthday cake, then watch the Drum Corps International program on ESPN. I hope it's on ESPN's HDTV channel.

Even though it's birthday number 16, the festivities will be fairly low-key. After all, he just got back from Europe a few weeks ago. That trip was his birthday present. Josh is pretty cool with that, as he doesn't really have a wish list of stuff he wants right now. He's got what he needs and pretty much anything that he's wanted: a cell phone, an iPod, a trombone. . . . Next year, however, he'll probably want a car or some other such trinket! We'll deal with that when the time comes. For now, I just want to wish Joshua a happy 16th birthday.


Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Joshua! It's one thing to know that my own children are grown, but it's another when my neices and nephews start "maturing".

So looking at the weather for Virginia today, you are are celebrating in on a cool, drab day. Just thought you would like to know, here in Calgary it's clear skies, 28 degrees (C), with only 20% humidity. Can't beat that!

Barbara said...

Happy birthday Josh! I can't believe how fast time has gone either. You are turning into a wonderful young man who is so full of promise.

Christian Camuti said...

Happy birthday Josh from your eldest cousin from the Camuti half of the family! I don't know how old your Sears cousins are.

I remember my 16th birthday well. I couldn't wait to drive a car. My birthday is 1/1, I got my license finally on 3/22!!! I didn't get a car until I was 18 and that is a story for another day. Maybe I will blog about it tonight!

Jenn said...

just a little hint for joshua: when taking your driving test, don't run through a stop sign. they generally frown up it and will fail you. not good

Catharine said...

Happy belated birthday, Josh. Sweet 16...awwwww...is that okay to say to a guy, or is there another "cool" saying?!