Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan turned 23 today. I am pleased to say that he has grown into a wonderful young man. He's even-tempered, tender-hearted and generous, and when he commits to doing something he throws all of his energy into doing it well.

Jonathan is a great son who is always willing to do whatever he can to help our household run smoothly. He stops for groceries on his way home from work, drives Joshua to and from activities and runs various other errands for Dave, Joshua and me. And he asks for very little in return.

He's also been a great big brother to Joshua. He's taken his role as mentor and role model seriously and has always tried to be a good example.

In addition to be a very good cornetist/trumpet player, Jonathan loves working with people, especially children. When he's had opportunities to combine his musical talents with his people skills, he's gotten great results.

Jonathan is now preparing to enter The Salvation Army College for Officer's Training in Atlanta in either 2007 or 2008. I'm looking forward to that day because I know he has what it takes to be an outstanding officer. The Salvation Army will be privileged to have him in its officer ranks. And I'm privileged to have him for a son.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!


Dave said...

I second my life's partner's comments. Since Josh was born, Jonathan has taken a vested interest in his brother. When in Wpg they were initially in seperate rooms but they approached us about rooming together. When we told Jonathan that it would mean him moving to the top bunk, he did not flinch in replying that he would move to the top.

The boys have been not only brothers, but friends. In Iowa City, the plan was for them to room together for a year. We would then know the community and move to a three bedroom apartment (a Jr High being with a 2nd grader would be too much to expect). Each year the boys were not willing to move because neither found it acceptable that the other could be forced to change schools.

By the way, Jonathan is responsible for giving his brother his name. When Evie and I had short listed down to three names, we asked what his choice would be. We went with his choice.

I am proud of Jonathan...happy birthday. May God's grace continue to be with you each day.

Christian Camuti said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan. I remember coming to Toronto shortly after you were born with Grandma. She came up to dedicate you. It was shortly after Grandpa was Promoted to Glory and this was a unique trip with just her and I. I remember sitting on the floor with you kicking your legs and trying my hardest to make you smile or laugh. I had a good time with your mom and dad that trip too. We went to Niagara Falls, a Blue Jays game, CN Tower, just to name a few. I felt like I got a VIP tour of Cananda!

I realize our paths have not crossed much over the years. It seems whenever I see your folks you are busy. This happened on my end as well with me being busy during family gatherings in Brick or Lancaster. It is my hope that the Lord blesses you as you have begun the paperwork for CFOT, and that He will bless your future ministry even now.

Happy birthday!

Erik said...

Congratulations from an unknown Internetbrowser in the Netherlands! And also for your son's plan to join the Salvation Army which has some wonderful projects in my neighborhood, too, such as a farm in the countryside where addicts and people without homes get housing and personal guidance to a more regular life. Nice to read about this, may God keep blessing you.

Barbara said...

Happy birthday Jonathan. It has been wonderful to watch you grow into a fine young man. You have so much to offer and God has great things in store for you.

Joanne said...

Man time flies! It's interesting that we expect our own children to "grow up", yet we are always surprised when we realize the age of other children. Jonathan, I am very proud of the man you have become. You are consistently in my prayers as you prepare for college.

PS: I have a couple of pictures of you when you were younger I could post, but to ensure you won't be embarrassed, I won't (I'll leave the rest to imagination)

Jenn said...

they were so cute!! happy birthday jonathan!