Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy Times - Again

This is a photo, from backstage, of Joshua's Symphonic Band concert, which was held this past Thursday evening. Joshua is in the trombone section, but only the side of his head is visible. He is the fifth trombone player from the end.

Last night, Joshua, Dave and I traveled to Harrisonburg, VA so that Joshua could audition for the Virginia All State Band or Orchestra. This evening we'll find out whether he made it. Anyway, we all just got home awhile ago, and we will be out again shortly for Joshua's jazz band performance this evening.

There's always something or other going on in our family. This is just one of those weekends!

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Dave said...

Josh after waiting 4 hours in the warm-up room went through the audition process for states. He reported that he felt nervous and made some mistakes he would not normally make. He ranked 23rd out 53 tenor trombones.