Sunday, February 25, 2007

Juke Box Dance Night

Last night, the jazz bands at Joshua's school did a fund-raising concert with a name something along the line of Juke Box Dance Night, or Juke Box Saturday, or Juke Box Saturday Night Dance.... As you can see in the collage, Joshua was there, playing, laughing, having an all around good time. The groups dressed informally, but still looked pretty nice. Nothing looks as good as their white tuxedos, however. Those are so sharp!

After the two jazz bands performed, an a capella group from William and Mary College performed. Dave and I stayed for their first few numbers and thought they sounded pretty good. We left early, however, since I had promised Joshua I wouldn't embarrass him by trying to dance in public.

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Jenn said...

thank goodness my parents have the good sense to KNOW that they can't dance and never tried to embarrass me by trying to dance in public