Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Photo Challenge Reminder!

Today is the last day of February. All of you photographers out there know what that means: it's time to post your challenge photos. Remember, February's theme is RED. Get those pics developed (if they're on film) and post them within the next few days. If you're shooting digital (and most of you are) you should be able to post them sooner than that. :-)

Barb's photo is here. As you can see, she avoided the Valentine's motif altogether and made an imaginative reference to winter. Way to go, Barb!

My entries are here and here. You can see that I stuck with the Valentine's motif. Booooooo-hisssssss - - - so little imagination! (Having said that, I will note [brag?] that the candy photo was decently received on my Through Evie's Lens photoblog).

Come on, everybody - show us what you've got!


Barbara said...

I just posted mine. I wimped out this month and took mine on Matt's digital camera because I ran out of film. No excuse, I know!

Erik said...

I find Barbara's photo expressive, it would get spoiled if any comment would be added, it's just presenting itself, wonderful. The candy's are also appealing, just on the border of "too sweet", like much of Mozart's music. I bought myself a new camera today, so I'll give it a try, too, and post it on my blog when it's finished. I see American common ducks look just like ours, they don't have any idea of being American or European, and take things as they are, as long as other males stay away from their beloved ones! If they would be rare, we would like their colours more than we do now, look how spoiled we are. Now I'm going to look for a red duck and win the competition.

Erik said...

I submitted my contributions on my blog. Please check them and give feedback. It was really a challenge because red is so scarce these days!! But the more fun it is.