Friday, March 23, 2007

March Photo Challenge #3

This is my final entry for this month's challenge. I've seen many geese, ducks and birds in the past few weeks. But I know spring has arrived when I see the turtles sunbathing and swimming in the pond. I've seen a couple of dozen turtles, several in family units, hanging out by the pond this week.


Stephen said...

No signs of turtles around here yet. Still ice covered - although the last of the snow and ice covering the road has melted within the past few days - the first time since mid Oct.!

Man oh man, winter is way too long!

Erik said...

Nice, those turtles!Are they indigenous or did they or their ancestors escape from animal collections? We have one or two non-indigenous ones around our school, when they come out for basking they attract many colleagues (who apparently have too much time :-), I didn't see one yet. I also want to research whther the green-headed duck is originally American, or European.

Evie Sears said...

Erik, this is a Red-Eared Pond Turtle. I believe they are indigenous to the eastern United States.