Friday, May 11, 2007

The Joy of Photoblogging

As I was browsing through the photos at, I came across this post. Dave got a kick out of it and suggested that I link to it. WARNING: you may not (or maybe you will) deem it appropriate viewing matter for the young 'uns.

Now, as for the post title, I enjoy the photo community at aminus3. I love viewing photos from all around the world, especially when the photographers provide historical and cultural information. I love architecture photos, scenic photos and candid portraits of people going about their business. I also like the fact that, regardless of the relationships between their governments, ordinary people can connect around common interests. For example, several photographers from Iran post beautiful pictures of their country, mosques, friends and families. This definitely is not the Iran I see on the news or hear about from political leaders. This is the Iran that more people need to see. In the interests of world peace, I respectfully suggest that President Bush should join a photoblog community!

By the way, we haven't done a monthly photo challenge for a few months. Does anyone have any ideas?


Jenn said...

how about the theme of "family" - and that can mean anything you want.

Erik said...

Thank you Evie for the photoblog tip, I added a comment totally according to your posting, not having read it because I was so curious that I first hurried to the photo you drew attention to. I agree with Jenn's suggestion, I'd find it a good idea.