Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My New Toy Is Here!

My new toy arrived yesterday: a Canon XTi digital SLR camera, a couple of Tamron lenses, a memory card and some other odds & ends. The photos are a huge 10.1 megapixels! It also has a self-cleaning sensor (really nice idea). I think I'm going to have lots of fun with this camera.

I took a couple of dozen photos with it today and got a couple of keepers. Here are two versions of one, which I think is a mockingbird. I took it in color, then played around with converting it to black and white. Which one do you prefer?


Christian Camuti said...

Wow very nice! I love my tried and true Sony DSC-P8 digital camera. When I bought it, it was a mid level camera. It now doesn't have as many mega pixels as the current camera's but it suits me just fine. I especially love the battery pack feature instead of having to buy AAA's!

Enjoy the new camera!

Christian Camuti said...

Oh and I forgot...the black and white is my favorite of the two.

Jenn said...


Dave said...

I like first with the various shades of browns and greenish-browns.

Erik said...

Congratulations! I hope one day I'll have such equipment, too. I have a "simple" 5 MP what I call "pocket camera" that I constantly carry with me wherever I am (that's the big advantage for me) but sometimes I envy you because of your beautiful bird pictures which are impossible to shoot with mine.
I like the colored one most because I think the colours are an essential feature of this photo, it adds something. If the photo is "graphic" or when colours don't add value, I prefer B&W.

Barbara said...

Hopefully before too long, I will have the same camera in my possession. Congrats! I'm sure you're going to have lost of fun with it.

I like the first photo better. The bird in the second almost gets lost against the busy water.

Stephen said...

Sounds like an amazing camera.
Someone at the church just gave me a 5.1 sony cybershot camera. It has been sitting in it's orginal box unopened for a couple of years. He was given the camera as a gift but didn't need a new one. He prefers his orginal SLR camera. For me, it's a step up from our 3.2 Olympus (it has been a good family camera for the past three years).

As I have looked at the photographs over the past couple of days, I have to say that I find them difficult to look at. The bird, and how you captured it soaring just above the water is fantastic. But the water with it's blurred and pattern look, makes it difficult for me to look at. The bird gets lost in the water.

Evie Sears said...

Stephen - I understand your point with regard to viewing the reduced sized photos. On the other hand, it's kind of cool how the water is like camouflage for the bird.

If you click on the photos, especially the color one, and look at the larger size pics, the bird stands out much better.

Stephen said...

You're right! I didn't click on the photo to enlarge it. It does make a difference.
It's a fantastic shot of the bird soaring just above the water. The way it blends in with the water is kind of neat too.