Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy 100!

Today I posted my 100th photo at Through Evie's Lens, my photoblog. The photos below are black and white samples of some of the shots I've posted there. If you want to see the larger, color versions of these and 96 other photos (most in color, a few black and whites), drop in, look around and leave some nice comments.


Dave said...

I remember that Hyatt in Long Beach well, a very comfortable room overlooking the Marina, the Queen Mary just beyond, and the beach down to the left. And the floor's concierge services, with 24 hr free snacks and food made it even more of a pleasant stay. I would recommend the Hyatt Club floor and rooms to any family member who is going to LA.

Barbara said...

I love all these, particularily the last one. Happy anniversary.

Erik said...

Evie, congratulations! I remember well that it was you who made Aminus3 known to me and I hope to follow you soon with my 100st picture. I learn a lot, also to "bear" disappointment when (1) I see a beautiful subject and have no camera with me or the battery is empty and (2) I think I shot the pic of my life and it appears to be blurred. I am subscribed to a newspaper that organized a competition on the "worst-succeeded photo" (I didn't take part). The first prize was won by a pic of a blurred train with a brownish shadow in front of it. The photographer saw a deer standing still in front of an also still-standing train, and thought to make picture suggesting a deer waiting to get a fatal accident, but the deer jumped away just when the shutter opened, and in a reflex the photographer followed it with the camera, making the train blurred by movement. We can learn and laugh a lot about these happenings! By the way, at this moment refuses me access, sometimes they have these things.