Saturday, November 10, 2007

Analog vs. Digital Recordings

The music lovers among you may find the video below interesting. Before you watch it, I'll warm you up to the subject with some questions.

1. Do you remember and did you ever own 78rpm records?
2. Do you remember and did you ever own 45 single records?
3. Do you remember and did you ever own 331/3 long play records?
4. Do you still own any vinyl records?
5. Do you own a record-player? If so, do you ever use it?
6. Do you remember and did you ever own own 8-track tapes and an 8-track player?
7. Do you currently own any cassette tapes?
8. How many cassette players, if any, do you have in your house?
9. Do you currently own a CD player (and CDs)?
10. How many CD players do you have in your household [including the one(s) in your car(s)]?
11. Do you own an iPod?
12. How many iPods do you have in your household?
13. What do you listen to the most: CDs, iPod, vinyl records, cassettes?

Okay, those were the warm-up questions, now we'll move to the next level.

14. First big question: Do you think digitally recorded music is superior to analog music, or vice versa, or is there no difference?
15. Second big question: If you think there is a difference in quality between the two technologies, can you hear it?
16. Final big question: If you answered question #15 affirmatively, would you be willing to put your abilities to the test?

Some musicians and recording engineers recently discussed questions 14 & 15, and tried #16. If you're interested in their discussion and the results of their test, check out this video.


Dave said...

This clip talks of upstream quality and equipment that few people have in their home. The most significant difference is for those downstream who lack the quality equipment. Needles and tape machines used in most homes and cars rarely produce the quality of sound found in digital machines. That said, I have been convinced that speakers are important items regardless of the system one uses.

Overall I go with digital as the sound quality for my use is better.

Jenn said...

i used to have a bright pink barbie record player...ahhh...the good old days :)