Friday, December 14, 2007


I don't have much to say, really, just that things have been as busy as usual around here. We got our Christmas decorations up the weekend before Thanksgiving, which was a nice change from our typical frenetic flurry to get at least a tree up just before Christmas Eve (because we need somewhere to put the presents). We've finished most of our shopping too, but I still have to find something for Dave.

Jonathan is still dating Maggie. He will probably visit her church with her a few times in the next couple of months. They go out several nights a week. Since he gets home long after I've gone to bed, I rarely see him. I think he's clean-shaven this week.

Joshua heads to San Antonio this weekend for the Crossmen Banquet and a rehearsal weekend. He will get his leather Crossmen jacket this weekend. Then he'll have to get his show patches sewn onto it. I told him I'll help him find a seamstress, since there is no way he wants me, his jacket and a threaded needle to be in the same room together.

(If you think I'm exaggerating, ask Mom what happened during her recent visit. Joshua came home from school one day with his tuxedo pants, which needed hemming. Mom said she'd do it, then asked me where my sewing kit was. I looked around for awhile, then realized the kit was in the camper! She scrounged up a needle and thread from somewhere and did the job. I brought the kit home from the camper about two weeks later. Needless to say, my adventures with needles and thread are very infrequent.)

Dave had his office Christmas party last week. They do theirs during the day, so it's basically limited to the staff. My company party will take place this coming Tuesday evening. We're allowed to bring one guest, but Dave refuses to go with me! I really could care less about going, but I'll do my duty. I'll have a good time, but I don't get excited about having dinner with 300 people. I hope the entertainment is good. A couple of years ago they had a guy playing his musical glasses and telling really lame jokes. Yaaawwwwwnnnn.

Dave will be taking photos at the corps Christmas party this Sunday. He's trying to persuade me to take my camera too, but I'm resisting. If he won't endure my office party with me, then I won't share the burden of the corps photo thing. So there. Actually, I really need the luxury, for just one week, of having absolutely no duties. You know, just to sit back and enjoy things. What a novel idea.

I will be spending much of the weekend burning photo DVDs to sell at next week's school band concert. I've got 27 orders, plus we need to burn freebies for the teachers and have a few extras on hand for walk-up sales. Dave will be taking photos during the concert and I will be in the lobby selling the disks. The sportswear, Christmas ornament, and snack sales people will be there with me.

Let's see, what else is happening ... Oh yeah, Dave and I went to the monthly band boosters meeting last night. It was short and uneventful. Except for the part where I was delegated to organize a silent auction for the upcoming Capitol Steps show in January. Capitol Steps is a local comedy group, somewhat along the lines of the Royal Canadian Air Farce (I still miss those guys). The band is hosting a show at the school as a fund-raiser. I just remembered that I have to order our tickets today. Dave thought I was doing it, I thought he was doing it, so, thus far, nobody has done it.

I'm also chair of the Activities Committee for the Oakton High School All-Night Graduation party in June. The ANG chair and I met for dinner last week, following which I came home with a full tummy and a box full of notebooks, catalogs, etc. I need to sift through that stuff in the next couple of weeks and reserve some vendors. Fun, fun, fun. Too much fun.

I think that's all the miscellanea I have to share at this time. You can wake up now.


Catharine said...

I can relate to the sewing needle aversion, altough I do know where my kit is. It is colecting dust on the top shelf in my closet.

Isn't being busy fun? While you are busy you are tired and tempermental, but when all is said and done, I wouldn't have it any other way. It sure beats sitting at home doing nothing.

Jenn said...

yawn....jsut kidding! i thought that was pretty funny :)

Barbara said...

any mending that needs to be done around here gets thrown in the mending pile. Then, once the boys out grow that item, it gets tossed into the thrift store pile.