Friday, December 07, 2007


Modern Music Masters

As of last night, Joshua is a proud member of this music honors society for high school students.

Sixteen students and their parents, grandparents and friends gathered in the Oakton High School lecture hall for an evening of music and fellowship. The program began with a recital of solo and ensemble selections performed by all of the inductees. The audience was treated to a feast of woodwind, brass, vocal, piano and harp solos and a brass quintet. The recital was followed by the induction of these students into Tri-M, and the induction was followed by a reception.

Tri-M membership requirements include musical achievement, scholastic achievement, demonstration of good character and assumption of leadership responsibilities. Over the past several years, Joshua and the other inductees have blossomed in all of these areas. I looked proudly upon sixteen teenagers who are good citizens of their school and community. I was pleased for them and I was impressed, yet again, by their displays of musical talent. More importantly, I was impressed, yet again, by their humility and grace. It's a privilege to know these students and their parents, and it was a privilege to celebrate with them and share their joy last night.

Congratulations to all of the new Modern Music Masters.


Barbara said...

What a wonderful honour. Way to go, Josh. You guys must be so proud of him, as we all are.

Catharine said...

Congratulations, Joshua. We are all so proud of you!

Jenn said...

congrats josh! was this as informal as jason's big recital, which included a sandwich eating musician coming to greet his audience at intermission?

Dave said...

The students were dressed-up for the recital. The guys all had ties and the ladies were either in dresses or pant ensembles. The parents were dressed down.

As the Oakton Tri M chapter was being reactivated after many years of inactivity, the first inductees were those who have been at the heart of the vocal and band programs. All but two of the inductees were seniors. There will be more juniors and seniors who will be inducted in the spring.

Normally the induction ceremony is conducted by the Tri-M executive, but given that chapter has been dormant, the teacher conducted the ceremony. In the spring, the students will induct the next set of members.