Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quiet Weekend Ramblings

Ramble #1: Dave and I are enjoying a quiet weekend at home. Joshua is in San Antonio with the Crossmen and Jonathan is Philadelphia with Maggie and some other friends. The quietude is nice for awhile, but I'll be glad when everyone gets back home.

Ramble #2: Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney won their respective Nevada caucuses today. Now they and about a dozen other candidates are waiting to see what happens in South Carolina. The Republicans have their South Carolina primary today and the Democrats have theirs next Saturday.

Ramble #2A: It appears that John Edwards, hopelessly mired in a distant third place, needs to pull off a miracle recovery in South Carolina to keep his campaign alive. The other Democratic candidates are functionally out of it already. The Democratic race has settled into a race between two horses, the lady and the black guy (the southern guy may figure that out next week). One way or another, the Democratic party is on its way to making history.

Ramble #2B: The Republican party primaries are interesting, as there is absolutely no leading contender in sight. The party appears to be hopelessly fragmented between libertarian minimalist-government cowboys, fundamentalist Christian theocrats, neo-conservative imperialists and classic conservative economists. There's even talk of some conservatives splitting into a third party if they don't like the direction the party ends up taking.

Ramble #3: The Super Bowl will soon be upon us. There will be two Conference Championship games played tomorrow to determine who will play in the Big Game in two weeks. Tomorrow, I anticipate that the Green Bay Packers will beat the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will dispatch the San Diego Chargers. Therefore, the Super Bowl will be Packers vs. Patriots. Notwithstanding the fact that Tom Brady is gorgeous (and the Patriots have a seriously good team), I'd like to see the Packers win it all.

Ramble #4: We had some record-setting hot days last week. I got out to the park one afternoon and shot some geese. I'll share one with you:

Ramble #5: It's time to make supper. Dave is getting the pork chops ready, so I'd better get started on the hash browns and salad. Y'all come back again, y'hear?


Christian Camuti said...

Go Giants! What a game, what an upset!!!!

Jenn said...

d'oh! hope you didn't put any money on that last bet!

Evie said...

Christian - It was a great game. I'm really happy for Eli Manning, who has tolerated an unbelievable amount of abuse from the media.

Jenn - I'm too cheap to bet money on anything. But, hey, 1 for 2 isn't too bad a record. Still, I won't be giving up my day job to become a prognosticator.

Erik said...

I always like sharing a goose with someone, even it's a virtual one :)On Dutch TV there was a talkshow with the Golden Earrings (popgroup from the 7ties), it appeared that HIllary had used one of their songs in het campaign. The song was from somewhere in the eighties, and the belonging clip was forbidden in the USA due to indecent images. I cant remember the song title but if you are interested I look it up...