Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sign of the Times

This is too funny. Apparently, this sign posted at Heart Lake United Church in Brampton, Ontario has created some local controversy. Perhaps some of you who live in the area can give us more details.

Some people, not surprisingly, took it's message as a sexual reference. Apparently, some church members don't appreciate that characterization. Now really, church folks, don't try to play wide-eyed and innocent on this one. You knew exactly what you were implying and are embarrassed to have been called on it. Your embarrassment is not necessary. For one thing, it's a funny message. More importantly, there's nothing wrong with sex - except on Sunday morning, apparently. :)


Barbara said...

hahahaha! Someone has a sense of humour!

Dave said...

What a hoot

Erik said...

Great cartoon-like picture! I made it my pc-background, LOL!

Jenn said...

that's in brampton??? things have really changed since i moved!

Catharine said...

LOL - I pass by that church regularly and I dodn't even notice the sign. Haven't heard anything about it, either! I will have to ask around.

This church often has interesting messages on their board. Here are a couple more:
instead of DQ try our sunday. Another one - seven days without prayer makes one week.