Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Crossmen and Planet X

Dave and I got to see Joshua and the Crossmen last night. Their show, entitled Planet X, features music from Holst, Beethoven, Strauss and Louis Armstrong. It's a good show. The music and the drill are both enjoyable and the crowd seemed to get into this year's show more than they did last year. The show they did last year, Metamorphosis, was pretty good but it was rather abstract and conceptual. The corps seems to be doing well and their scores are getting better as time goes on. They may have a good chance to move up a couple of places in the rankings this year.

After the competition, the Crossmen and the Boston Crusaders played America the Beautiful. This was followed by the Crossmen playing some encore items on their own. The crowd, meaning those who stayed after the scores were announced, really seemed to enjoy the encore.

Here is Joshua after the competition and getting ready to march in for the encore:

Here is Joshua playing America the Beautiful:

Here is Joshua playing during the encore:


Barbara said...

look at the tan he has already!!!!

Catharine said...

So grown up - so serious!

Jenn said...

he'll have quite the arm muscles by the end of the summer!

Evie said...

Barb - he'll be really dark when we pick him up in August.

Catharine - he really is quite grown up; very disciplined.

Jenn - he already has quite the arm muscles. Check Uncle David's blog for some casual shots. He doesn't have very much fat.