Friday, July 11, 2008

The Chart House

This place, The Chart House, is where I ate lunch today. The occasion was the retirement of one of my co-workers. As soon as I arrived home this evening, I told David that

a) he'll have to eat here with me sometime, and
b) we'll have to take visitors to eat here.

The food was scrumptious, the ambiance was pleasant, the setting - Old Town Alexandria's waterfront - is exquisite and the prices are reasonable. What more could anyone want?

So, the next time you visit us, remind us to make reservations at the Chart House. We'll eat dinner, watch the sailboats, yachts and cruise boats come and go, feed the ducks and visit some of the waterfront shops. I'm sure we'll have a great time.


Joanne said...

I'm game!!!!!!

Catharine said...

I love Alexandria. It's worth the drive for dinner and some shopping.

Evie said...

Joanne - We're holding you and Bruce to that. When are you coming? We have to make reservations.

Catharine - I like Alexandria too. Old Town really is cool. I wish I could afford to live there. You'll love the Chart House. Bring your camera because there will be lots of boats, ducks, interesting buildings and other good stuff to see.

Barbara said...

it sounds like a perfect place to visit to me!

Dave said...

How about holding an upcoming family reunion there?