Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Hard Sell

Dave just got off the phone with someone from the Virginia Democratic party. Even though the conversation was fairly short, he was annoyed when he hung up the phone. His first words to me were, "Boy, that was a hard-sell call from the Obama camp!" This is the gist of how the conversation played out:

DemObamabot pushes Obama and the Democratic agenda. This segment concludes with the words, "Can we count on you to contribute $100.00?" Dave's short answer: no.

DemObamabot commiserates with Dave about the crummy economy, etc., then says, "Can we count on you to contribute $50.00?" Another concise answer: no.

DemObamabot stresses how important it is to get Obama into the White House so that he can fix the aforementioned crummy economy. This leads to a request for $25.00. Dave's clear answer: no.

DemObamabot proceeds to lay a guilt trip on Dave. Finally, Dave says, "The harder you push, the more you're pushing me away."

DemObamabot says, "Oh," and hangs up.

We'd better get our stern "no" voices in tune. It's going to be a long election season.


Jenn said...

that would suck - at least in canada they don't call you for money - they just ring your doorbell at suppertime

Dave said...

They will be coming to the door. We had an Obama supporter come to the door Sunday evening asking if we are registered (if we were not he would register us). As we were already registered he asked Evie who she was supporting.

Catharine said...

We often have had candidates ( members of parliment - federal and provincial) coming to our door asking for our support. Don loves the banter. Unfortunately, on one occasion he agreed to show support by putting a sign on the lawn. I was a very unhappy camper since I did not support that party at all. I was strongly in disagreement. The other unfortunate part is that that same party has assumed we are strong supporters ever since and assumes we would like to show our support finaancially as well as with a sign. An interesting dilema these days!

Barbara said...

Well, at least he knew when to give up.