Saturday, September 27, 2008

September Sighting

When Dave and I traveled to Leola over Labor Day weekend, we had a chance to see some of the sights around Lancaster County. I sneaked this photo of an Amish buggy through the windshield of the car (Amish folks don't like getting their photos taken).


Jenn said...

that's weird...why don't they like getting their pics taken?

Evie said...

Jenn - they're a very conservative Christian sect. They don't use automobiles or electricity. They dress very plainly and use pins instead of buttons to fasten their clothes (buttons can be too decorative, a sure sign of vanity). As for the photos, they don't believe in graven images - they obviously take the second commandment very literally. To say they're old fashioned is an understatement.

But, they are also shrewd and impeccably honest business people, and very hard working. They take fabulous care of their homes and farms, which are delightful to see, very picturesque.

Barbara said...

I heard on a show that they don't beleive in telephones, but they will have a cell phone since it's not physically connected to anything.