Sunday, October 05, 2008

Strange Subway Customer

This video is amazing. Security cameras at a Subway shop in British Columbia captured a bear opening the door to the restaurant, snooping around the counter and the kitchen, then leaving the store.

It appears that some bears have figured out how to use door handles! You know what this means, don't you people? We human critters will have to make sure that there aren't any non-human critters watching us when we use tricky gadgets like door handles. They might imitate us and figure out some secret human stuff that we'd rather they didn't know.


Joe said...
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Dave said...

Wow....what a smart animal. He did not significant harm, he came in, looked around, sniffed the food and left. Why put him down. So they have to toss the items where he sniffed...that is not reason to kill him/her.

Barbara said...

Too smart for his own good ... too bad they had to euthanize it.

Jenn said...

yeah - why did they put him down??? animals ARE smarted than you think!!!

Stephen said...

I saw in the news the other week. It was humourous until they reported they had to kill the bear. It's unfortunate they couldn't relocate the bear. But once a large wild animal such a bear has come into such close contact with civilization, no matter how you isolate him, he remains a much greater threat than ever before. The chances of another encounter with humans is now much greater.

Sad, all the same.

Catharine said...


Stephen, you are right. Once a bear has had such closeness in such an ingenius way it will return over and over again. That is why when you visit more isolated areas, such as national parks, they stress never to leave foo unattended or feed bears since they become more accustomed to humans and will return on a regular basis for more.

If a bear has to be put down, somewhere along the line it is our 9human) fault. Again, sad but true.