Friday, January 09, 2009

The Quiet House

Our house is quiet tonight.

Dave is nursing a toothache. Consequently, he is saying very little and becoming quite friendly with the Advil bottle (I think I'm getting jealous).

Jonathan is out with Maggie (and maybe Ally, too).

Joshua is in Texas for drum corps camp. It's not quiet there. On Sunday, he will travel to LSU. It won't be quiet there, either.

I'm just vegging after a long day (11 hours) at work. I don't have anything to say and, even if I did, I have no audience to say it to, since Dave isn't paying any attention to me. (Now, I know I'm jealous of that Advil bottle).

I think I'll go read a book. That will liven things up for me. But, the house will still be quiet.


Josh said...

Funny, as soon as I read "It won't be quiet there, either" after going back to LSU, there was a loud banging in the stairwell outside my room, because someone dropped something.

Evie said...

LOL! Maybe I should quit my job and become a psychic.