Saturday, August 01, 2009

Gone With the Wind - Intermission

You may recall that Gone With the Wind is a very long book. The movie is also long, about four hours. The movie has an intermission shortly after Scarlett flees from Atlanta and returns to Tara. Dave and I didn't flee from Atlanta, but we did leave the city a few days ago. On our way home, we headed to the east coast and spent a night in the quaint little town of Beaufort, South Carolina. The name is pronounced BYEW-fort, not to be confused with Beaufort (BO-fort), North Carolina.

Beaufort has been featured in several movies. Two of these are The Prince of Tides, and Forrest Gump. The author of The Prince of Tides, Pat Conroy, grew up in Beaufort, and the South Carolina portions of the book are set there. Forrest Gump is set in Alabama, but some of the southern scenes were filmed in Beaufort. I first heard of Beaufort when my mother and I saw a movie called, Conrack, back in the mid-70s. That movie was based on another Pat Conroy book, The Water is Wide, which I read after seeing the movie.

Dave and I stayed in a beautiful little hotel called The Rhett House Inn.

This was our room:

As we walked back to the hotel after supper, we saw a lovely sunset over the bay:

The next morning, as we ate breakfast on the porch, I took this picture with my cellphone camera:

After we finished breakfast, we packed the car and headed north to our final Gone With the Wind destination.


Barbara said...

what a gorgeous place to stay! It must have been very hard to leave it.

Joanne said...

Beautiful! It's looks very relaxing and peaceful.