Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The storm front is moving out and the weather is getting better here in OBX. I got down to the beach with my camera yesterday afternoon and came away with lots of wave action and animal antics.

I took this one in the morning, while conditions on the beach were still pretty rough.

I took these in the afternoon.

I've also got some critters for the animal lovers among you.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the black lab that was running headlong into the waves, bobbing up and down and thoroughly enjoying himself. I spoke briefly with some of the humans in his pack and we all agreed that the dog was having a grand time.

Speaking of grand times, the sun is coming out, so I'm going to get ready for some quality beach time.


Dave said...

The dog looks wooped....I wonder if he is thinking, "Please, don't throw the ball out there again!"

Barbara said...

I was facinated by the sand pipers last year in Virginia Beach. They spend their whole existance running to the waves, and then running away from the waves. It was very commical to watch.