Friday, December 04, 2009

Late Thanksgiving Post

I know Thanksgiving was last week, but I finally uploaded my photos today and I couldn't possibly write about a holiday without posting photos. I'll spare the family members who gathered in central Pennsylvania much embarrassment by not posting individual photos of them. I apologize for not getting any photos of Taylor (Dennis, Erma and Tracy's 12-year-old yellow lab - and probably the most photogenic family member at the gathering): she was too busy waiting under the table for scraps to pose for me. I don't understand her priorities at all! After we consumed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner (I'm afraid Taylor didn't find many scraps - we were very careful about getting our fully loaded forks to our mouths intact), courtesy of Erma's fine cooking, we traveled to Moravian Manor to have pumpkin pie and beverages with Paul. After dessert, we got some photos.

First, we have Mom and Paul. After marveling at how perky they look (as you'll see in the next photo, they look much better than the rest of the gang), take a moment to notice the beautiful roses that Paul gave to Mom.

Then we have the full group photo, minus Dave, who kindly took this photo of the rest of us. It seems that all the turkey we consumed slowed down the circulation to our brains and rendered every last one of us incapable of remembering to bring a tripod (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Do you see that smirk on Dennis' face? That's the only time in three photos that he didn't frown! He's incorrigible! The rest of us may have forgotten our tripods, but at least we remembered to bring our smiles (of course, smiles are much easier to carry than tripods; they're also easier to carry than frowns, Dennis!).

I'll close by thanking Mom for hosting us, Paul for putting up with us, Erma for feeding us, Dennis, Tracy and Taylor for bringing the cook all the way from Maine, and Dave for driving the rest of us back and forth from Virginia. A wonderful time was had by all.


Jenn said...

i suppose the lab was too busy napping with a full belly to make the trip to visit paul :)

Evie said...

We didn't even think about taking her, although I'm sure Paul would love to have seen her. Taylor is quite arthritic and probably would have found the trip difficult.