Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Field Trip Is In Order

Dave doesn't know it yet, but I've found a place for us to go on a field trip: the Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, which is located in downtown Washington DC. Check out the museum's web site, which features some really cool exhibits. For example, here's a photo array from the global warming exhibit:

How's that for visual evidence that global warming is not a hoax? You could easily spend an hour or more browsing through the online global warming exhibit alone. But, there's much more fun to be had at the center's site. The DNA exhibit explains how DNA technology can be used to fight disease, improve crops and improve the criminal justice system:

Unlike many of the museums in the DC area, admission to the Koshland Museum is not free. Still, it's very inexpensive:

Adults: $5
Seniors (65+): $3
Active Duty Military (w/ ID): $3
Students (w/ ID): $3
Children** (ages 5 – 18): $3

Here's the deal. Dave and I will make a visit for reconnaissance purposes. After we've done that, we'll decide whether to put it on the list of places to take visitors. However, even if it doesn't make our cut (as if!), visitors can put it on their lists and go with or without us. So start planning your next trip to DC and pencil in a day at the Koshland.

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Barbara said...

I've seen similar photos like that of other glaciers that have receded. Scarey.
I look forward to hearing a report on the museum.