Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Poor Taste

I came across a disturbing item on the Internet this morning. I've clipped the first half of it for you to read here. Follow the link if you want to read the entire post and comment thread.

This is sad. Actually, it's worse than sad. It's downright pathetic. And disgusting.  No one in the world needs to eat one hamburger that packs the caloric value of four days worth of meals. Notice I said caloric, not nutritional, value - all calories are not created equal. And no business needs to celebrate heart attacks as if they're something funny. And no one needs to encourage obese people to overeat unhealthy food by offering them free calorie- and fat-laden meals. I wonder if The Heart Attack Grill provides ambulance services for patrons who live up to the restaurant's name? Do you think The Heart Attack Grill pays for ongoing medical and rehab bills for said patrons?

If I ever have an opportunity to "dine" at The Heart Attack Grill, I will take a pass. I'd rather have a root canal than add one cent of my money to this restaurant's bank account. I don't normally wish for businesses to fail but, in the case of The Heart Attack Grill, I'm willing make an exception. I think I'd like to see it torn down and replaced with a public park or community center.

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