Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hypatia's Homecoming

If you've read Dave's facebook page or blog, you'll know that we welcomed a beautiful Beagle puppy into our home today. Hypatia is 7 weeks old, adorable, feisty and sweet.

On the ride home, she wasn't at all happy with her crate. So, we decided I should put her on my lap. After a few minutes of anxiety and clinginess, she settled down and enjoyed the ride home.

 When she got home, she didn't waste any time getting to know the place and making herself comfortable.

As I write, she and Dave are enjoying some quiet time together.

If you want to know how we selected her name, check out Dave's post.


Barbara said...

She is adorable!!! What a sweet face.
Love the picture of her and David sleeping. So cute.

Evie said...

@ Barb:
Hypatia is a cutie. She's also affectionate, tenacious and funny. And she keeps me busy - it's like having a toddler in the house again!