Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Tales

We've enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend these past few days. Dave and I started the holiday a bit early, by attending the Jets vs. Capitals hockey game on Wednesday, November 23. Unfortunately, the Jets lost the game but it was great to see Winnipeg being represented in the NHL again. We splurged and got seats in the exclusive club section. We enjoyed an unlimited buffet of food that was not typical sporting event fare - in other words, not a fried item in sight - and were able to watch the game while we dined. Our waiter kept the beverages coming all evening. On our way to the game, we wandered by Capitol Hill and took some sunset photos of the area.

On Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 24 - to refresh Canadian memories), we piled into the car and drove to York, PA to spend the afternoon at my brother's house. As you can see, everyone in the backseat caught up on sleep. Joshua especially needed it, since he worked an all-night shift at Target in preparation for Black Friday sales. He came home in time to nap, shower and tumble into the car.

My mother came over from Leola, and Jonathan, Maggie and Ally joined us in York. The grand total hanging around and eating my sister-in-law's fantastic cooking was 9 people and 5 dogs. All things considered, there was much less bedlam than one might have expected.

Today is the final day of the holiday weekend. Tomorrow, we all return to our normal routines. As you can see, Hypatia and Darwin are taking full advantage of the glorious weather and enjoying themselves. In fact, they've occasionally enjoyed themselves a bit too much, as noted in this photo of them destroying my bedroom slippers. Dave figures it's my fault, since my fluffy slippers probably looked like stuffed toys to them. Note to my family - if you're wondering what to buy me for Christmas, bedroom slippers - soft but not fluffy - would be welcomed.

In addition to hanging out on the patio, the dogs love lying in the sun by the patio door.

In closing, I leave you with one final image of Fall 2011 in Fairfax:


Barbara said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful Thanksgiving for you.
It looks like the two dogs have become inseperable.

Evie said...

@ Barb - yes, the dogs have their occasional little spats, but they always look out for each other.