Tuesday, December 06, 2011


In less than a week (December 12), I will be performing a mix of jazz standards and holiday music at Washington, DC's coolest jazz club.

Blues Alley is a classic little jazz club - it seats about 120 patrons, max - tucked away in a corner in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC. It's probably safe to say that all of the big name jazz artists of the past 50 years have performed at this club. And I'll soon be able to say that I performed there, too. That is too cool for words.

Can you tell that I'm psyched?

Okay. Back to reality. The fact is, I will be singing second soprano as one of about 40 singers. Not as good as a solo gig (as if!), but pretty cool, nonetheless. Back in September I joined a group called Capital City Voices, a local jazz organization (housing two choirs) that performs at community events. This weekend we'll be singing at a nursing home. In two weeks we'll be singing at a local arts venue, and in January we'll be singing at a church in Maryland. Here's our PR poster for the Blues Alley gig.

Here's our listing on the Blues Alley web page (click on the events menu):

Dave will be coming to the early (8:00 p.m.) show. I will be performing in both shows, which means I'll probably get home sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. Yes, I've already scheduled time off from my day job (the one I get paid to do as opposed to one I pay to do) the following day.

The way the shows will work is that each choir will do individual numbers, the two choral groups will combine for three numbers and the instrumental quartet that will accompany us will also play some pieces without the singers. All in all, I'm expecting it to be a fun evening. I hope to see you there!


Barbara said...

how cool! I'd love to hear you one day.

Evie said...

Update: the performances went pretty well, especially the second show, as we had relaxed by then. The first show (8 p.m.) was sold out. The second show (10 p.m.) was not sold out, but there were only a dozen or so empty seats. It was a privilege to perform in such an historic venue. I hope we get to do it again.