Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Shot this tonight from my balcony.


Stephen said...

Another fantastic shot!! Thanks Evie!!
Elizabeth and I were driving home from a children's ministry meeting and we noticed the moon. She noticed for the first time "the man in the moon" - same moom in Calgary - same face as in Washington.
By the way, the moon is red this evening. There is a large forest fire in southern BC that has filled the sky with smoke - thus the red moon.

Jenn said...

ah-ha! that explains my night at work then!

Barbara said...

which camera, and which lens?

Evie Sears said...

I shot this with the digital camera. The built-in 12x zoom was fully extended and I added a 1.45x telephoto conversion lens to that. Total zoom was about 17x, or roughly the equivalent of 620mm(if one believes the manufacturer's claims regarding lens equivalence - I think they fudge it a bit. The mathematical formula makes sense, but I'm not sure the optics conform precisely to their formula). Of course, this is a pretty tight crop of the original, as I figured we didn't need to look at a whole lot of black background.

I also took a couple with the Canon. I'll have to wait until they're developed to see how that worked. I was using black and white film so the results may be interesting. Also, I only had the 300mm zoom. I'm particularly interested in comparing sharpness of detail and "noise." The digital photo is noisier than I like, which is why it lacks some clarity. I'll want to see if the film photos are cleaner and sharper.