Friday, November 10, 2006

Beautiful Fall Day

As I write, it is about 10:35 PM and the temperature is 64F/17C. Today's high was in the low 70sF/20sC. This is the time of year when Virginia is a wonderful place to live.

I spent my breaks in the park today and took a few more fall photos. I don't know how many more chances I'll have to enjoy the season's colors, so I'm taking advantage of every possible opportunity. Three of today's photos:

The latest in family news. . .
Joshua's marching band performed their show for the last time tonight. They did a good job, of course (not that I'm the least bit biased), but it was a bit sad to realize that we'll never see this show again. The rumor mill has it that next year's show will be a really good one too. The teachers know what it is, but the parents and students won't find out until late next spring.

Jonathan started the Christmas kettle season today. Since the corps officer and the kettle coordinator had to attend a funeral, Jonathan was in charge all day. He has to get up early tomorrow morning to travel to Norfolk, Virginia with the National Capital Band. He'll return home on Sunday evening.

The end of marching band season and the beginning of kettle season mean that fall is quickly drawing to a close. It's not over yet, but the end definitely is in sight.


Jenn said...

there's no marching band in the spring?

Catharine said...

I love your fall pictures - an interesting perspective.

Barbara said...

Love the pictures Evie.

I can't believe that marching band season is over already. I'm sure you guys found that it went fast too.

Evie Sears said...

Jenn - in the spring they have festivals, orchestra (in addition to band) and the school musical. Who would have time for marching band with all that stuff going on?

Barb - the season really did go by quickly. Josh and some of his friends were sad when they realized that they only have one more year of high school marching band.

Cathy (and Barb)- thanks for the kind words regarding the photos.

Christian Camuti said...

Tell Jon to say hi to Keith M. for me. I haven't seen him in a long time!