Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Of Photo Hosts, Blog Templates and Other Matters

Photo Hosts & Blog Templates
If you've checked my blogs in the past couple of days, you'll have noticed some strange goings on. Sometimes my photos were visible, sometimes they weren't. Sometimes my page backgrounds were visible, sometimes they weren't. The reason for this mayhem is that my photo hosting site began upgrading its server last week. The process was supposed to take about 24 hours. It took 5 days (I think they're done now, she says with her fingers crossed). All of the old links were still supposed to work. They didn't. So, I had to manually adjust the links for link buttons, photos, etc. What a pain in the patootie!

Since my photo links were messed up, I decided to revert to some plain vanilla blog templates sans photo backgrounds. Pedestrian, I know, but I'm tired of messing with links. For the time being, what you see is all you'll be getting.

Other Matters
Dave and Jonathan had a good weekend in Christiansburg, VA. Jonathan had a night off from rehearsal on Monday, since the band had played all weekend. I guess that's their reward for good behavior - or good playing - or maybe the bandmaster was sick of them and needed some solitude. Dave is still editing the hundreds of photos he took. Better him than me! Joshua had a good time in San Antonio at another drum corps rehearsal. He came home with a new Crossmen jacket and a baritone to practice. On Friday night, I tabulated scores for middle school band festival performances. Then I vegged at home for most of Saturday and Sunday - tough life.

This weekend, Joshua will have two festival performances with his school bands. On Friday night he will be playing the clarinet with a concert band. On Saturday night he will be playing the trombone with the symphonic band. I will be going as a chaperone for both performances. The band booster president was surprised that I volunteered to go with two groups, but gladly accepted my offer. I figure that if I travel on the buses with the bands, I don't have to bother parking my car at a crowded venue. In the meantime, Jonathan will have divisional youth band, or perhaps drama, rehearsal this weekend. He has been playing in the band but was recently asked to participate in the drama group (which rehearses when the band does), so I'm not sure what he'll be doing at camp - but he'll be up to something.

Anyway, that's a quick review of what's been happening recently and a quick preview of what's going to be happening pretty soon. Life keeps going and going and going. . . .

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