Monday, March 05, 2007

Photo Challenge Updates

I think it's probably time to close out the entries for the February challenge. Participation was less than optimal. Maybe we'll do better in March. In the meantime, check out the updates below.


James posted some photos that sort of (more or less - there is red stuff in them) meet the requirements for the photo challenge. You will find them here. James wore a red shirt that is visible in several photos. Even more impressively, he visited an Asian wise man dressed head-to-toe in red. And if you want to count the blood from James' abrasions as red items too, then he's got several photos that meet the challenge. Check them out.

David says he did not do any qualifying photos in February. In early March, however, he posted several photos of the National Capital Band that show off the band's burgundy tunics. His photos are here. These are technically late entries and burgundy is not quite red, but it is part of the red family, I guess, so I'll let them in. Besides, many of you seem to have misplaced your cameras. At least Dave finally found his. Better late than never.

By the way, Dave has an idea for the March challenge - check his blog soon for the details.


Barbara said...

Glad to see there are some closet players out there.

Erik said...

I don't agree that burgundy is not red. There are many kinds of red, I also used them in my books-photo, and combining several kinds can enhance a foto's quality, I think. Only the kind of photo's of Barbara's bucket require simplicity, showing only the colors of the Polish and Indonesian flags. I find the Victoria's Secret-foto of Dave great and worth an exhibition, isn't that the red light district?