Thursday, March 01, 2007

Photo Challenge Entries: Coming In and Looking Good

Erik bought a new camera and celebrated by taking photos for our challenge! Thank you, Erik, for joining the fun. His photos are posted here. I love the wooden shoes. What a great find! The angle of the light creates attractive variations in shades of red. The traffic sign, unlike anything I've seen in the USA or Canada, is cute and the calabash photos reveal the intricate texture of this fruit. His final photo is a set of several books of varying shades of red in the company of two red apples. Not bad for a first-timer!

Again, Barb's photo is here. Most people consider red to be a hot, or at least warm, color. Barb has demonstrated that such is not always the case.

And you can find my entries here and here.

The rest of you need to get cracking and post your entries! By the way, does anyone have an idea for the March challenge?

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