Monday, November 23, 2009

You Do Not Want This Guy to Pray for You

A few days ago, I wrote a post about what I consider an extremely tacky right-wing slogan. In that piece, I mentioned that highly visible, media-mad right-wing Christian leaders often don't seem to take visible leadership in correcting their flocks. This is ironic, because it seems that they're often first in line to keep the rest of America firmly grounded on what they view as the straight and narrow path.

Well, I don't think Pastor Wiley Drake is one of the USA's leading Christian leaders, but he manages to draw a fair bit of media attention for his, I'll say this politely (since this is a family blog), forthright views. And, unlike many others, he has spoken on both the topic of President Obama's death and the murder of Dr. Paul Tiller. His position: he prays regularly for President Obama's death, and he rejoiced in Dr. Paul Tiller's murder, which he believes was a positive answer to his imprecatory prayers.

Right about now, you're probably hoping your name won't appear on his prayer list. As for me, don't waste time looking for me in any venue where this jerk will be.


Jenn said...

sounds like he's too busy listening to the sound of his own voice and not to that of the higher power he says he's representing.

Dave said...

These are the guys who in their self righteousness push people from the community at large away from the church.